Tuesday, 3 August 2010

On the table

With Chaz being such a good cook it's easy to get lazy and just let him do everything. Our unspoken deal is that I look after Wolf and he makes all the meals. I sometimes get a real urge to cook though - mostly cupcakes - and go for things that he wouldn't really ever cook. Thai green curry is my latest craze. I adore really healthy, vegetable creations; lots of sweet potatoes, jewelled couscous, tarts, roast vegetables etc. Real 'girl food' as Chaz calls it. He's not a huge fan but is definitely getting happier to give it a go. He now loves a toasted sunflower seed in his salad and wont eat white bread anymore but still draws the line at couscous.

We always seem to have a full house. At one stage we thought about turning the house into a hotel and earn our living that way. Cooking for lots of people all the time has meant that we've ended up with a repetoire of all the meals we cook. If you came to stay you'd be guaranteed to be served one of the following.

Chaz's new Lemon and Thyme spatch-cocked chicken cooked on the bbq.
A huge asparagus, toasted seed, avocado, coriander and parsley salad.
Baked Potatoes with sour cream and chive sauce and grated cheeses
Chili and garlic tiger prawns quickly cooked on the bbq
Seared tuna with a soy and mirin dipping sauce
A whole seabass cooked in white wine and lemons
Pea, feta and mint salad
Jewelled cousous
Grated raw courgette salad with Chili and organic olive oil

We're usually too full for pudding but if not our freezer has enough mini Magnums, Malteser ice creams and dulce leche Haagen Dazs to sink a ship.

Salads from the lovely Ottolenghi restuarant.

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Anonymous said...

what , no white toast at cosy time for Chaz?